Meet the Brothers

Heka Relief, INC was founded in 2021, yet the research has been continuous since {1992} when brothers John and Ronn Lorenz started discussing how botany could affect the body’s response to viruses. After returning from a recent visit with a friend affected by the shingles virus and seeing the continued pain they went through,  the conversation turned into a lifelong project. Over the next few decades, with inspiration from Charles Crossland, Elsie Wakefield, Bill Leigh, and Paul Stamets, the Lorenz brothers tested various ways of applying botany and mycology to mitigate the effects caused by shingles and its close cousin herpes. In 2020, they got it! It worked so well in their communities. They wanted to make it available for the world and. Heka Relief was born. Named after the Egyptian god of medicine and magic, Heka Relief is a group of like-minded individuals from various backgrounds that believe in botany-related products. With the next generation now involved, we at Heka Relief plan to continue the Lorenz brother’s work by providing relief to those who suffer from the herpes simplex viruses and continually searching for new botany-related products to push change in our industry.